Jared Hixon

From humble beginnings, Jared has excelled from a 16 minute 5k runner in high school to a national champion at the collegiate level. His time at Southern Oregon helped him develop a stronger passion for running as well as a distinct understanding of Health and Physical Education. He plans to use these fundamentals to give back to the community of Eugene as he trains to see just how fast he can run.


Represents: USA
Birthday: 03/15/93
Hometown: Palmdale, CA
High School: Palmdale High School
College: Southern Oregon University
Twitter: @Thegrvyrdrunner
Instagram: hixon.jared
Snapchat: palmdale661

Personal Bests

800m = 1:54
1500m = 3:47
3000m = 8:23.67i
5000m = 14:18
8000m = 24:19

Major Accomplishments:

  • 2016 NAIA 1500m Champion
  • 4 x NAIA All American
  • Palmdale High School Valedictorian