Community Spotlight: TrackTown Fitness

WHERE: Hayward Field

WHEN: Sunday mornings at 8:00am

WHO: Anyone and everyone who likes to run or walk!

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of TrackTown USA’s “TrackTown Fitness” on Sunday mornings.  We LOVE this community event, and several TRE athletes show up each week to help lead drills, run/walk with participants, or just watch and cheer people on.  TRE Coach Ian Dobson is also one of the lead coaches for TrackTown Fitness, along with Vin Lananna, and it is free and open to people of any age or fitness level. 

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Team Run Eugene 2016


Welcome to our team blog! As members of Team Run Eugene – Elite, we all share the goal of running fast and being competitive every time we toe the line. And with this being 2016, many of us are focused on the “Road to Rio” this year, and having a strong presence at the Olympic Trials this summer.  Of course, training is a journey, and every big goal is made up of many smaller goals, so there will be plenty of exciting things happening between now and then as well! 

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